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03:17am 14/08/2008
So, after the KJ asked me to put in a fifth song tonight, I turned to my friend and told him that I feel like the karaoke's "Ace in the Hole". He replied that I should carry the some ace cards in my pocket, like the ace of spades, as in the song. I wold him that since I'm an earth element I should use the ace of diamonds, to which he responds "Well, you most certainly are a pretty little diamond."

I responded "Baby, don't fool yourself. I'm only a lump of coal, though I might be the easy lighting kynd."

yay self deprecation.

He still insists I'm a diamond.
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Someone explain this.  
06:24am 13/08/2008
AnnexedTrout: Oh fiddleytarts, I've lost my hairdryer! Now the prince shall never recieve the emblem of light and all our years in India shall have been in vain! Woe!
spiritFLAME 737: I have a curling iron?
AnnexedTrout: So does my girlfriend.
spiritFLAME 737: doesn't help, does it.
AnnexedTrout: I'm bald.
spiritFLAME 737: then the hairdryer doesn't do much either, does it?
AnnexedTrout: Go pester someone else if you have nothing to offer.
spiritFLAME 737: paper towels or hot tubbing?
spiritFLAME 737: you pestered me first.
AnnexedTrout: Same old false accusations?
spiritFLAME 737: without the burden of proof all accusations are false.
AnnexedTrout: Anyway, I'll take you up on the hot tubbing if you can get me in one within the next hour or so.
spiritFLAME 737: lol. who is this?
AnnexedTrout: I'm Das Mustafah
spiritFLAME 737: the german arabian?
spiritFLAME 737: who am I then?
AnnexedTrout: I think you'd be better suited at telling me that.
spiritFLAME 737: damn, I expect people to have the answers when they send me messages.
spiritFLAME 737: ::sigh::
AnnexedTrout: Can I require the same of you, then?
spiritFLAME 737: If I sent you the mesage first, then I suppose you could have.
AnnexedTrout: Alright. Who are you?
spiritFLAME 737: I am who I was when you bitched about losing your hair dryer.
AnnexedTrout: I never claimed to have one.
AnnexedTrout: Why did you decide to message me?
spiritFLAME 737:
AnnexedTrout: Oh fiddleytarts, I've lost my hairdryer! Now the prince shall never recieve the emblem of light and all our years in India shall have been in vain! Woe!
AnnexedTrout: Where did you find my username?
spiritFLAME 737: I rest my case.
spiritFLAME 737: at the beginning of this conversation.
spiritFLAME 737: where did you find mine?
AnnexedTrout: At the beginning of this conversation.
AnnexedTrout: Do you know who I am?
spiritFLAME 737: interesting.
spiritFLAME 737: so neither one of us sent the first message.
AnnexedTrout: You bore me.
AnnexedTrout: Goodbye.
spiritFLAME 737: Obviously, this is a miracle of technology
spiritFLAME 737: bye!
mood: confusedconfused
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(no subject)  
05:44am 13/08/2008
SO, I didn't wake up until around five this afternoon. How obscene is that?

Then I went out to dinner at fridays and back to this guy's house to watch some Deep Space 9. COuld not shut up about how much fun I had over the weekend, which prompted him to talk about DragonCon all night.

I think I'd kill for a cigarette, I'm fiending hardcore, having spent all my money and smoked all my cigarettes over the weekend.

God I need a job, and a time machine. This weekend is one I'd just like to live for the rest of my life.

"everyone think light thoughts."
"Oh no, it's an elevator of goths!"
"bats, dead babies, spiderwebs....."
mood: exhaustedexhausted
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effing traditions  
08:49pm 05/12/2005
So, by tonight I"m supposed to have a letter to Santa in a shoe in a window, and in the mroning the shoe will be filled with candy. that's the theory, and the tradition.
but do you have any idea how fucking stupid i feel writing a letter to santa when I'm almost twenty?

It's pretty fucking hard. here are my drafts, figure you guys might get some amusement out of this.

santa draftsCollapse )

stoked about the gen, i can't wait.Also looking forward to further conversation with my favorite thunder god on wednesday. Maybe i'll let him take me home one of these days. lol.

also, i'm kynda in the market for another job, maybe just to be a second job, or to replace this one. whichever, i'm not getting enough hours these days.

well, love. light, grasshoppers and a very happy kwanza (w/e the fuck kwanza really is) to all.
mood: amusedamused
music: the killers-on top
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(no subject)  
10:33am 21/11/2005
well, the break is over.

I have a cell phone again, so call me and give me your numbers if i haven't already gotten them back.
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(no subject)  
02:58am 15/11/2005
cody and I are on a break as of sunday night, so if you see us without each other, pleasse don't ask.

Also, I lost my cell phone, so as soon as i get a new one i'm going to need everyone's phone numbers again.

I registered for mdc last night, i just have a few more steps before the processs is finished. YAY Tina finally getting off her ass and getting an edumacation.

yeah. later. bye.
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(no subject)  
11:30pm 08/11/2005
a song they play at my jobCollapse )

I know most of you will never look at it because you don't look at lyrics cuts. but i only post lyrics when they express how I'm feeling, so yeah. whatever.
mood: confusedconfused
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01:47pm 30/09/2005
Monday night Cody and I were lucky enough to be able to see a screening of Joss Whedon's Serenity. It FUCKING OWNED!!!!!! Cody and I BOTH liked it. It's based on the series Firefly, which I've never heard of, but apprently there are some REALLY hardcore fans out there. That makes the movie look even better in my eyes, because, while many movies that are based out of series or books either give waaaay too much background, or they just expect you to know everything already, this one gave you just enough to know what was going on, and they managed to work it into the storyline. The characters were well developed, and I personally loved that there was no clear cut good guy or bad guy; though there was a protagonist and an antagonist, they were both people who were just doing what they thought was best. And there were enough things blowing up or getting shot at to make even Cody happy.

Also, major plus- little teeny tiny girl kicking major ass.

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(no subject)  
10:50am 04/07/2005
If the events that transpired on this day in History had happened on , say JUne 27, or sometime in september, chances are pretty good that we would refer to the holiday only as Independance day, because most other dates are waay too long and complicated for every day use.

Happy fourth of July.
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01:20am 08/06/2005
Valid this week only at the Victoria's Secret conveniently located inside DOLPHIN MALL.

Wednesday(6/8): 4pm-9pm
Thursday(6/9): 7pm-11:30pm
Friday(6/10): OFF
Saturday(6/11): 1pm-11pm

If you feel you can look kynd of like you're shopping, feel free to come in and visit me.

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