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08:09pm 30/09/2008
Today my mom and I got into the chicken soup argument again, even though I'm not sick this time, she's making her nasty ass chicken soup. Its even worse now when I have a problem with my mom cooking anything, because at least before I hated her soup but I was not yet used to eating my own cooking. Now, since she'd making her foul soup I'm not even allowed to cook something else for myself. This is such utter bullshit. Fot those of you who can't remember the chicken soup argument, unsungtragedy.livejournal.com/109133.html Four years later, and only the names of the boys have changed.

Oh yeah, and this time she's threatening to kick me out of the house over it.

mood: bitchybitchy
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09:13pm 04/10/2008 (UTC)
yeah. But this argument happens all the time. Not to this level, but basically the same thing. She's over it now though.
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