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08:19am 04/02/2011
I could not love the earth,
For she and I, we are the same
I love her as myself
But she is my prison
I am my prison
And we are cold.

I could not love the wind,
For when I tried, her faces changed,
And my heart would be unknown.
She would be unknown,
And our love gone.

I could not love the sea,
For when I loved, he'd pull away,
He'd lap at the shore of me
Take away part of me,
And keep himself.

I thought I could not love the flame,
For what so hot could stand my cold?
But I did not know he could burn inside of me,
Or how he'd sear me
and leave me forever burned.

I am safe, loved by fire
For there is only one way to stop what's burning.
To stop a flame you put it out
And if you put him out,
he's already consumed me.
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