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02:07pm 23/11/2008
I'm stting here bored at work arguing whether or not Chinese democracy will be any good. I seriously doubt it., but they have hope in their hearts. Foolish mortals.

An update: Foxx and I broke up about a month ago, he decded it would be a good idea to go through my phone and read my text messages, some of which were to my "Fiance" about relationship problems I'd been having with Foxx that I hadn't been ready to talk to him about yet. The upside? A few days before I officially broke it off with Foxx I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in six years, whom I'd had a huge crush on wen we were young, and Am now seeing him, amazingly. We've both grown and changed, but the dynamic between us is exactly the same. He calls me on my shit, and, frighteningly, he might actually be more intelligent than I am, neither of which are something I'm used to. I'm happy. lol.
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05:27pm 01/11/2009 (UTC)
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