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01:07am 10/09/2008
I'm an idiot. The first few times i looked at the email from my boss, I read only that I'd be working the 17th and 19th in the Weston store to do my training. I thought it was strange that I'd only be training for two days, but I shrugged and got over it.

Today I finally realized there was an attachment containing our schedules for the next two weeks. I have work at eleven in the morning in Miami Lakes. Thank goodness I wasn't one of the people scheduled yesterday, I'd have been fucked.

Well, wish me luck!!
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05:16am 10/09/2008 (UTC)
Dreaded Dragon
Yay job! And I'm glad you noticed that before it was too late
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03:32am 12/09/2008 (UTC)
haha nice!
what's Weston sell?
goodluck!! ;-)
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01:56am 17/09/2008 (UTC)
Video games. We're opening a store here on Kendall, but they need us to be trained before the store opens. This week I'm in Miami lakes.
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