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I need therapy  
08:50pm 17/08/2008
So yesterday was fucking traumatizing. Three of the most horrifying sights I've seen in my life. Here they are from least scarring to most scarring. (both occurred at the South Florida Tattoo Expo)

1-A 300 lb man was hooked up for a suspension. We all started cracking jokes about him falling. They lift him higher and higher via a cherry picker and the hooks in his back flesh. Then, the piercer affiliated with this demonstration tosses him a bungee cord, and they start bouncing him, pulling the cord down and letting it lift him back up. The cherry picker itself shakes. Suddenly the cords holding him up all snap and he goes crashing to the floor. Thud. Lands on his feet before collapsing to his side. You hear everyone there gasp followed by a moment of absolute silence as he lies there immobile. As if on cue, all the people nearest the scene remove all the furniture from the area so the paramedics can make it through with the stretcher. They load him up, hooks still in his back, and as he's wheeled out you can see the bones sticking out of his shins, yet he stil musters up metal fists for all the onlookers. How fucking hardcore is that? Apparently he's been doing suspensions for over 15 years, and this was merely an equipment failure. It was so.... obscene. I just sat there covering my mouth for about five minutes, unable to speak. I feel so bad for this guy, I know how long it took my leg to heal and how frustrating it was, and his breaks are much worse than mine was. On the bright side, he survived.

2-Earlier in the evening at a room party, A drunken guy (1) accidentally punched his friend (2) in the mouth. 2, realizing 1 was drunk, didn't want to punch 1 in return, but felt he needed some form of revenge, so he offered 1 a shot. 1, of course, accepts. The terms of the shot were as follows, made after 1 agreed, that 1 would lie on the floor with his mouth open and the shot would be poured down 2's hairy naked buttcrack as 2 practically teabagged 1. I've seen few asses anywhere near this hairy. So 2 positions himself doggystyle over 1's face, and the shot of rum is poured, dripping past 2's anus and down his balls into1's mouth. Post shot, 1 rolls around screaming that the alcohol got in his eyes. He kept his eyes open?!?!?!? After that we all needed a cigarette, and as we head down to the smoking area 2 leans over to me and says "what really made this is the fact that I'e had diarrhea for the past three days"

3-Joseph latest fetish show. *vomits repeatedly*

All in all it was totally worth the $15 that someone else paid for me to go. Especially since I found a shop down here in South Florida with the heads for my dermal anchor, who also does removable surface to surface stapling. Fucking bad ass, right?
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